KSSOA COVID-19 Response

Letter from the President

President of KSSOA, Larry Goldman, addresses the COVID-19 situation and what it means to self-storage owners in Kansas.


Self Storage Forecasts for 2020

Market Update

Storage should continue its historically long run through 2020.   On the positive side, 10 year treasury bills are well below 2% in February, 2020 and strong operating performance continues to drive both experienced investors and new players to the industry.  ...


What Fees Are Legal?

A Legal Minute With Scott Zucker

The self storage industry is well known for its fees, be it invoice fees, late fees, overlock fees, inventory fees, lien fees or sale fees. But more and more, these types of fees have fallen under the scrutiny of consumers who claim that the fees are unreasonable or even illegal. ...


The New "Cash" Laws Impacting "Cashless" Self-Storage Operations

A Legal Minute With Scott Zucker

Over the last five years, as the use of technology has blossomed in the self-storage industry, more and more self storage facilities have shifted to unmanned properties, utilizing the opportunities for kiosk services and now even mobile leasing with electronic contracts. ...


Firearms in the Workplace

A Legal Minute With Scott Zucker

The question of whether an employer can restrict their employees from bringing guns into the workplace has continued to be a challenging issue around the country, especially as we experience more workplace violence incidents. ...


Handling Suspicion of Criminal Activity at Your Facility


Law enforcement commonly describes certain red flags for self-storage operators that might suggest criminal activity occurring at their facility. ...


Understanding the Legalities of E-Sign Lease Agreements

A Legal Minute With Scott Zucker

Starting with the passage of the E-Sign law in 2000 (formally the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act), landlords, including self-storage landlords, were given the opportunity to conduct their leasing on-line, entirely through the internet. ...


Q&A: Expert Jim Chiswell Talks Self-Storage Ownership

Jim Chiswell Talks Self-Storage Ownership

Are you considering the purchase or acquisition of a self-storage facility? We recently interviewed Self-Storage Expert, Jim Chiswell, and got his thoughts on feasibility studies, squashing competition, self-storage ownership and more. ...


Evolution of Today’s Storage Deal

As investors are enjoying the fluid nature of today’s transaction market, it has become evident that buyers and sellers may need to focus on more than just purchase price. We are in an incredible period for the self-storage industry where the unconventional ...


Sexual Harassment, Not Just in Hollywood or in Congress

A Minute With Scott Zucker

Over the last few months, the country has certainly seen a significant renewed focus on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. ...