Founded in 2004, KSSOA maintains the vision that its membership will create and sustain a strong industry presence in Kansas to preserve the rights of self storage business owners.  KSSOA's goal is to represent the owners and managers of the hundreds of self storage facilities in Kansas. KSSOA seeks to accomplish its goals through education, networking and governmental relations.

KSSOA is a forum for self- storage industry professionals who want to improve the quality, security and profitability of the self-storage industry. By addressing the concerns of self storage facility owners and managers through newsletters, programs and presentations at regional and statewide meetings and our internet presence, KSSOA creates an important network of owners, managers, vendors, consultants, legal advisors, and industry representatives.

 Since 2004, the Kansas Self Storage Owners Association has been working for self storage owners in the State of Kansas. The most recent accomplishments are the following:

  • The Kansas Late Fee Law. Before the association went to work for you, it was illegal to charge late fees. Now, it is written into the state statute so you are allowed to charge late fees to your delinquent tenants.
  • The KSSOA Board of Directors modified  the Kansas State Statute concerning the length of time between delinquency and sale of property.
  • The KSSOA Board of Directors is constantly watching the Kansas House and Senate while they are in session. We look for any legislation (positive or negative) that might affect self- storage owners in Kansas.